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       One morning, an author plagued by Writer's Block answered a random prompt rather poorly and if read, one could tell that the author had practically forced the words out. After tuckering themself out over the sloppily written piece they moved on to the "What would your character say?", Word Association Game, and the all-time favorite, Make a Six-Word Story all in attempt to get some form on inspiration or insight for their story. However, through the all of the games and exercises the author's mind kept drifting back to that first prompt.

   The author knew that they could have done better but just couldn't find it in themself to care. Frustrated from trying mentally rewrite the prompt the author slumped over their desk to indulge in a good sulk. They had written, erased, and rewritten until they thought that their was head going to explode from the futility of trying to answer that dratted prompt. So, in order to save their poor skull from becoming a soup bowl, the author did their best to put it from their mind. 

    Later that night as the author moped over their stagnant story line, their thoughts turning over and over, chasing themselves until they finally landed back on the prompt. Irritated by that nagging sensation, the author returned to the prompt and glared at the cause of their OCDness. Pulling their sleeves and with a hmph, up the author set about fixing their slipshod work.  Smoothing out the rough edges, added details, generally losing themselves to the magic we call imagination.

    When the author was finally satisfied with their work they had an epiphany, like a hammer to the back of the head or as the author is not the most graceful, a collision into a wall. It was then they realized that it was their own hesitation, worries, and fears that had blocked up the flow of ideas and whimsies. This gave the author several things to ponder for days and weeks over the implications (lotta' whys' and why nots' folks), and so they did. It just about drove them barmy. I mean seriously, how many times can one go over something before they go daft? At this point the author felt they were on the precipice but just couldn't figure out what they needed for that final push over the threshold called Writer's Block. 

    Then on a dreary rainy day, the author had an "AH HA!" moment involving wildly gesticulating hands, random baffling (to those around them) comments, and for they had rediscovered the Kingdom of Ponderment. However, as the author had already spent many a moon in reality, they found that they could no longer completely leave Reality as they once could. Determined to not let this bother them, the author proceeded to integrate both Reality and Fantasy, thereby creating a bridge to jump back forth. Nowadays, the author spends their time balancing living in Reality with visiting the Kingdom of Ponderment.

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